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Tiigimeistrid – the masters of creating your own personal oasis.

We are experts in creating enchanting natural pools and natural swimming ponds. With our magical touch, we transform all types of water bodies into unique works of art.

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Experience the unlimited potential of natural water body design

Our expert dedication to your goals will help you create a natural-looking body of water, as well as a pool that blends in with modern architecture. Specially targeted landscaping allows you to create a pleasant harmony. Careful pond construction and the application of natural processes will give the best results and ease of use. The technical details, combined with precisely optimised filtration, will help ensure the correct biological functioning of your water body.

Construction of ponds and swimming pools

Designed to fit your lifestyle and garden

Personalised solutions for your lifestyle and garden. Our expert team ensures meticulous attention to detail, delivering exceptional results that transform your outdoor space. Experience the difference and enhance your living environment with the help of Tiigimeistrid pondmasters.

Pond builders pride themselves on specialising in the design, engineering and construction of natural water bodies. With more than 15 years of experience all over Estonia, we have created excellent pools and ponds for clients who have been looking for the best solution to enhance their outdoor spaces. Whatever the size or style of the body of water you plan to create, we can create a natural filtration swimming pond as well as a natural pool that best suits your home and garden. Our pools and ponds are low-maintenance and also have chemical-free crystal clear water that is completely harmless to humans and wildlife. Whether you want a tranquil retreat to enjoy a private natural pond or a state-of-the-art swimming pool with a biological purification system in your backyard, our expertise will transform your outdoor living space into a peaceful oasis you can enjoy all year round.

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Be part of the best modern water treatment solutions. Our environmentally-conscious approach ensures you enjoy the benefits of crystal clear water without harming yourself or the planet.

The benefits of naturally purified water: environmentally safe, skin-friendly, non-irritating to eyes, lower maintenance costs ……. these are the pools of the future. Turn your pool into a haven of ecological bliss, where every dip is gentle on your skin and harmless to the environment. We are shaping tomorrow with our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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Firefighting water source as perfect swimming pond

Recent trends show that new developments are increasingly requiring the design and construction of fire water points. An isolated fire water source can also be transformed into an ideal swimming pond.


Leave the construction of your personal water body to the masters … pondmasters of Tiigimeistrid. We are pioneering the creation of natural water bodies in the region.

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