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The concept of a swimming pool is a complex one and we understand that you may have a lot of questions before considering a swimming pond for your home. The main criterion is certainly the cost of setting up and maintaining a swimming pond and the ease of maintenance.

Can I convert my existing pond into a natural swimming pond?

In most cases, an existing pond can be rebuilt, but the savings compared to a new pond will depend on a number of factors that can only be explained by on-site analysis. Ideally, the swimming pond should be slightly away from large trees and overhanging branches. This sets the stage for easier maintenance and an enjoyable result.

How much will it cost to build a proper swimming pond?

Costs start at around 15 000€ + VAT for a pond with, say, a 100m² swimming area and minimal filtration technology, but ultimately the final cost will depend on size, shape, desired ease of use, location and the level of finishing and landscaping elements involved. It is important to note that the price per square metre decreases as the pond area increases, a 200m² pond may not cost twice as much as a 100m² pond, for example.

What about the maintenance of ponds?

The swimming pools we build mimic and use the natural cleaning processes that occur naturally in natural ecosystems, and are therefore significantly lower maintenance than, for example, traditional pools. The water bodies remain clean and the water clear thanks to the diligence of the caretaker. Maintenance consists mainly of removing tree leaves from the filtration system and cutting aquatic plants at the end of the season. Ponds should be regularly monitored to remove larger debris such as leaves and tree branches, and the floor of the swimming area should preferably be cleaned a couple of times a year as needed, for example with a pond vacuum cleaner. In the summer months, of course, any clumps of meadow algae can be removed.