Tiigimeistrid pond builders have been creating natural pools and swimming ponds for over 15 years.

Our journey started with the ponds of our own backyard. By now, Tiigimeistrid has designed and built natural ponds and pools for many to enjoy all over Country. Today, we are recognised as specialists in natural water bodies.

As landscape designers, landscapers, aquatic plant and water specialists and professional builders, natural ponds and pools bring together the best of what we do.

A tailored and personalised solution

Join us on this exciting journey and we will transform your outdoor space into something truly extraordinary.

Tiigimeistrid pondmasters embarked on this journey with a simple, but firm aim: to enrich your outdoor experience.

By focusing on our purpose, we create innovative, personalised water solutions. This reflective and purpose-driven approach sets us apart from others.

We like new challenges

With our expertise in water filtration, experience with aquatic plants and passion for wildlife, Tiigimeistrid has the ability to design and create the perfect water body for you, whatever size.

m² of ponds built

m² of pools built


Invest for the future

If we haven’t persuaded you to consider this amazing alternative to a conventional pool, perhaps the following benefits will. The water is naturally filtered and does not require harsh chemicals to keep it clean and safe. In fact, the water in these ponds is so clean you can drink it. There is no irritation to the eyes or discomfort associated with chlorine when opening the eyes under water. Plus, you can adjust the shape and size of the pond to match your backyard and existing landscaping. Whether you prefer the natural look of a pond or want it to resemble a sandy beach, we can make it happen. Swimming in these ponds is like swimming in a natural lake. Unlike conventional pools, there is no need to drain, cover or refill the pond in winter. The low maintenance costs of natural ponds make them the preferred choice. Plants planted in the pond help to add oxygen to the water and provide additional support for beneficial bacteria, which consume organic matter in the water and the residues produced by its decomposition. As a result, the seasonal costs of the pool/pond are significantly lower compared to conventional pools. These ponds also provide habitat for local wildlife, including small animals and insects that prey on mosquitoes and other pests. While a natural-looking water feature can be made to fit into most home gardens, it is also possible to build a natural-looking water feature that visually resembles a classic swimming pool.

Pond masters can help you design your dream water feature exactly the way you want it.

Filtered water

Our ponds have clean, transparent and pleasant water.

Safe for the user

Our ponds and pools do not require the use of chlorine or other chemicals.

Environmentally aware

Our ponds are biological and natural and do not pollute the environment